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This is a full list of Omega Universe rules. The Global label means the rule applies to all of Omega Universe. Including Forums, Discord, servers and minigames.

No spamming

No mass repeating of messages or links of any kind. This means in server chat, private messages, Discord, and anywhere else on the network.

Applies to: Global

No cheating/hacking

Any client-side glitches, clients, mods, or resource packs that give you an advantage over other players is considered cheating/hacking. This means no flying, no x-ray (mod or texture pack), or exploiting mod/plugin bugs.

Applies to: In-Game

No advertising

No advertising other server names/IPs, Discord servers, channels, or websites related to servers not apart of the Omega Universe.

Applies to: Global

Keep it PG-13

This is a PG-13 Network. That means no sharing of 18+ content, including adult content, links to gambling sites, etc

Applies to: Global

No joking about sensitive topics

No making jokes about sensitive topics like Nazism, war, alt-right politics, etc

Applies to: Global

No inappropriate usernames

No usernames that contains explicit words or phrases. Including, but not limited to swear words, "adult" words and insults. If you're banned for breaking this rule and you change your name. You can appeal at the "Appeal" section on this site.

Applies to: Global

No spoilers

Do not spoil movies, TV shows, or comics relating to the theme of the server. You may post and discuss spoilers on the forum as long as you use the spoiler tag to hide it.

Applies to: Global

No disrespecting or harrassing other players

Show respect to other members of the Omega Universe community, including players and staff members, and do not insult or harass others. Try your best to be an overall ethical, nice, and caring person.

Applies to: Global

Be honest

Do not lie or deceive staff members regarding reports - if you are found having lied, you will be punished accordingly, and your report potentially dismissed.

Applies to: Global

No impersonating staff

Do not pretend to be a member of the Omega Staff team and do not try to handle situations where a staff member should step in. You may tell people not to swear and follow the rules and such, but if you come over a fight or similar please reach out to a staff member or report it immediately.

Applies to: Global

No sharing of personal information

Do not share any kind of personal information about yourself or anyone you know to other players.

Applies to: Global

No threats

No threats targetting yourself (self harming), other players, or any staff members. Being caught breaking this will lead to a permanent ban and your IP address possibly being forwarded to law enforcement.

Applies to: Global

No teaming or truces

No teaming or trucing with members against certain players unless the arena/game you are in is a dedicated team arena. Being caught doing so will lead to losing in-game kits/coins, and potentially a ban on repeated offenses.

Applies to: Smash

No excessive camping or delaying arenas

No camping for long periods of time, exploiting camping spots, or delaying arenas. If you find an area or bug that can be abused, report it to staff. Being caught doing so will lead to losing in-game kits/coins, and potentially a ban on repeated offenses.

Applies to: Smash