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Omega Universe - For Parents

  What is this?

  This is a special FAQ meant for concerned parents, to answer some of the most common questions they have about their kid interacting in a online community.

  What is the "Omega Universe"?

  The Omega Universe is an online Minecraft server network hosting a wide variety of fun games for people of all ages to enjoy.

  Is it safe for my kid(s) to play here?

  It most definitely is. We have a huge team of moderators that volunteer their free time to help us out keeping everyone safe from both physical and psychological danger. We have strict rules against swearing, trolling, and sharing of personal information that could place you or your child in any kind of danger. Please read our rules for more specific info about this.

  Are you partered or affiliated with the creators of the game "Minecraft"?

  We are not affiliated nor endorsed by Mojang Synergies AB or their parent company Microsoft Corporation. If you have any special questions or concerns regarding this network. Please contact us via email at

  I see that you also sell digital goods. Is it possible to get a refund if something doesn't go as intended?

  No. We have a strict no refund policy on our store. Doing a chargeback may end up with your local law enforcement getting involved.

  What if my kid uses my credit card to buy goods without my knowledge?

  Then you should consider that a learning experience. Make sure to keep crucial things like that away from your kids if you don't trust them enough to handle it properly. If you consider what your kid did as theft. Then that's between you, your kid, local law enforcement and your insurance company.

  Why do you require an address in order to purchase digital goods in your store?

  This is to prevent fraud. But not to worry. Your info is safely sent over encrypted connections and stored on encrypted servers. No one except our most highest ranking and trusted staff members have access to this information.